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White Strawberry
– A sweet Strawberry Riesling white wine with strong berry aroma and a crisp finish. This wine has won multiple Gold medals. 11% alc. by volume

Peach – A super sweet Riesling white wine with Peaches added to produce a crisp and clean finish. This wine was a Gold medal winner in April 2017. 10% alc. by volume

Raspberry – A sweet medium bodied deep red wine that is a hit from aroma to palette. The aroma really pops out at you. This wine has won multiple Gold and Silver medals. 11% alc. by volume

Raspberry Grapefruit A sweet blush like none you have ever tasted. It is light and crisp with a grapefruit aroma that wows your senses. 11% alc. by volume

Pomegranate -- A sweet red with a beautiful color and crisp taste. First taste to palate is wild berry with a Pomegranate finish. 11% alc. by volume 

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